Who is Bison Transport?

Bison Transport is a multiple-award winning Canadian transport company. Employing the latest technology and operating one of the most modern fleets in the industry, with over 1,400 tractors and 4,000 trailers.

Our dedicated staff and safe, professional drivers provide cross-border truckload transportation services from British Columbia through the Maritimes and to 48 U.S. states. Bison Transport is a high-service, dependable and value-creating supply chain partner.

More Miles, Better Rates

We can keep you moving with steady freight and still get you home for those important moments.
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Superior Equipment

Bison Transport takes pride in the quality of equipment we have on the road.
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2014 Business Discussion Series

COMMUNICATION is one of Bison's 'Core Values'. Once a year we run the Business Discussion Series seminars where we present a business update to all Drivers and staff. We cover the health and growth plans of Bison, the economy and our plans for the year ahead. Here is a fast, fun and action packed video from this year's presentation that shares information about Bison and the many highlights we had in 2013.

Recognition Programs

Recognition and incentive programs designed to be meaningful and relevant to our professional Drivers.
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Safety Initiatives

Bison holds the highest safety rating available, which has earned us awards from industry organizations and suppliers.
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Bison Drivers Have 'The Right To Decide'
Bison Drivers Have "The Right To Decide"

Our professional drivers know and understand that the most dangerous mile is always the next mile.

As the person behind the steering wheel, Bison drivers are empowered with the 'Right to Decide'. It is the Driver who has the right to decide when it is safe to drive and when conditions are such that they must temporarily suspend travel.

Open Door Policy
Open Door Policy

Bison encourages and fosters a culture of respect throughout all aspects and divisions of the business.

Our Open Door policy encourages communication between our most important resource: our Professional Drivers and all other members of our team, including Dispatch and Maintenance.

Rider Program
Rider Program

Bison Transport's Rider Program allows you to take authorized friends and family members on the road with you.

Why work with Bison Transport?

Based on Driver feedback, Driver's choose to work at Bison because of the steady miles and flexibility, which are a result of Bison's size. Bison currently has over 1000 tractors and 3000 trailers, which allow many Drivers to average over 12,000 miles a month, yet we are also large enough to have Drivers work one or two days per month if they choose.

In addition to compensation and flexibility, our Drivers appreciate the respectful and inclusive culture, where they are treated with respect. Bison also has a 'Right to Decide Policy', allowing Drivers to decide whether it is safe or not to drive. This policy is just one of the many aspects of our safety program that has earned Bison the TCA 'Best Fleet to Drive for' award. In fact, Bison is the only carrier to win the prestigious Grand Prize five times in a row.