Canada is the world’s second largest country and stretches more than 7000 km from coast to coast. Canada is beautiful, diverse and is consistently listed as the ‘Best Place to live in the World’ by the United Nations. Canadians enjoy a high quality of life, have an excellent education & healthcare system, a booming economy and vast natural resources. Consider moving to Canada to begin your career with Bison Transport as a professional Long-Haul Driver.

Bison Transport is actively seeking professional Long-Haul Drivers to operate out of Winnipeg, Manitoba.



Bison Transport provides a minimum of 4 weeks training to allow overseas Drivers to adapt to North American driving requirements and regulations. Once your training is complete, Bison ensures you have the experience you need to drive safely and comfortably on North American roads. We want to help you make the transition to North American driving as easy as possible. Bison will provide the support you need to start your new career in Canada through a Driver mentor. You will have the opportunity to speak with other Drivers who have made the move from overseas to Canada.

Since 2005, Bison Transport has placed 1st each year in the highly recognized Truckload Carriers National Fleet Safety Awards and is a 6 time Grand Prize winner! No other fleet in North America has achieved this level of success in the 37 year history of the awards. Bison Transport truly is ‘North Americas Safest Fleet’.

“I chose to come to Bison because of their safety record. I like their ‘Right to Decide’ policy because I like driving safe and legal. It’s exactly what I was looking for and it’s been amazing.”

Paul, In-Cab Instructor
- Moved from the UK to work with Bison in 2009.


Tamas was a Driver for 17 years in Europe before he decided to move to Canada to work for Bison. He came to Canada with his wife and two children through the Provincial Nominee Program.

Tamas moved from Hungary to Canada in 2008 to work at Bison Transport and has never looked back.“I love Bison and I love Canada! Life is much better here.”

He decided to make the move because it’s easier to make money in Canada. “In Hungary you have nothing extra to spend. You work to live and there are no extras like vacations.”

Tamas started as a Long-Haul Driver and because of his good safety record he was able to get additional training to become a long combination vehicle (LCV) Driver.

Tamas, Company Driver


Bison invests in the best equipment and the best people; this is why Bison has been named:

‘North America’s Safest Fleet’

Safety is Bison’s top priority. Our policies were designed for the overall safety and well-being of all our employees and their families.

In addition to our outstanding safety record, Bison is proud to offer one of the most modern fleets on the road. Our equipment has the latest technologies with advanced options designed to provide style, comfort, fuel efficiency, low maintenance and superior reliability.


Over the last 20 years Bison has grown from an 18 tractor fleet to over 1250 tractors. We are proud to operate leading edge equipment in one of the largest and safest fleets in North America.


Average Age – 2 years
75% Company Owned
25% Owner Operator
Satellite Equipped


53’ Long x 101’ Wide
Logistics Equipped
Heated & Refrigerated Service
Intermodal Equipment



Drive Canada

High Quality Of Life
Growing Job Market at 6.8%
Top Quality Education
Affordable Housing & Healthcare
Peacekeeping Nation
Beautiful Landscapes & Environment
Actively Promotes Multiculturalism

Drive Bison

Competitive Rates
Superior Equipment
Health and Dental Benefits
Safe Driving Rewards Program
Referral Bonus Opportunities
Career Development Opportunities
Driver Friendly Facilities
And Much More...


Satisfied customers drive our success. Bison Transport builds and engages the most effective workforce in the transportation industry. We hire and retain the best people and we continually develop ourselves through training and mentoring. We foster a culture of respect, family, friendliness, professionalism, and the aggressive pursuit of success. We use our unique environment to deliver safe, reliable and innovative transportation services to our customers.


Ludwig moved from Germany to Canada in 2008 through the Provincial Nominee Program. He first met Bison Recruiters in Germany and asked many questions about Bison.

“Wow it sounded perfect for me so I tried it. I decided to make a new beginning in Canada.”

Ludwig moved to Canada with his wife Maryna, who eventually became a Driver for Bison. They now drive team together and love the freedom and safety that driving in Canada offers.

“There is so much traffic in Europe,” he said. “It’s not like that in Canada. There is so much space.”

Ludwig said safety is very important and that is why he chose Bison.

“Safety is everything for me. I like their ‘Right to Decide’ policy.” When we are on the road we see the weather conditions and the traffic and we can decide when it’s safe to drive.”

Ludwig & Maryna - Bison Company Team Drivers

“Hiring Drivers from overseas has been a valuable part of Bison Transport’s overall recruitment plan. Drivers come to us with experience and we train them to increase their skills to succeed as a Long-Haul Driver. We build relationships with these Drivers during their transition to Canada.”

– Amrutha Adusumilli, International Recruiter

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